Project & Portfolio Management

We support you in defining your capacity and strategic objectives to help you prioritize initiatives, and we help with the implementation and optimization of your projects.  

How we can help you succeed

We can help you establish a framework by creating a structured approach to overseeing and prioritizing your projects and portfolio. This approach will align with your business goals and help you make informed decisions.

We accommodate different project management methodologies, including classic waterfall, agile, or hybrid methods. Our in-depth experience in global PPM enables us to support planned or ongoing PPM initiatives, regardless of the chosen methodology. We help organizations adapt and implement appropriate project management practices, tools, and processes to meet their specific needs 

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Do you need to implement a new way of working? ?

We often see that our clients struggle to quickly adapt their prioritization and resourcing on projects to reflect the changing environment and business needs. Due to an ever-changing environment, there is a risk of not meeting business goals and needs, meaning that an iterative approach to working is needed.


We support our clients with introducing fit-for-purpose methods to optimize their current ways of working. We apply the scaled agile framework (SAFe) to increase productivity, improve alignment and enhance collaboration across teams. This provides a common language and processes that fosters better coordination and communication across the organization. Furthermore, this method provides a structured framework for scaling agile practices to large organizations and offers guidance on coordinating and aligning multiple teams working on interdependent projects and workstreams.  

Have you spent time implementing a PPM solution, however, not gained the expected benefits of your investment?

We have found our clients often solely focus on implementation of the PPM solutionHowever, they struggle to align their processes and ways of working to fit with the new PPM solution, resulting in poor user adoption and failure of realizing the expected benefits from their investment.


We support our clients to optimize their project and portfolio management processes, ultimately enhancing user adoption and usability of their PPM systems. To do this, we conduct a thorough gap analysis of existing processes and tools, and work together to identify and visualize your expected benefits. Together, we will support you to identify and implement changes to the system, improve the way of working and optimize processes to fit your project modelBy doing so, you will increase user satisfaction with your PPM tool

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We analyze each situation and identify opportunities and root causes to introduce changes into your organization with best-fit business processes and associated digital enablement without compromising compliance. Reach out now if you are curious to learn how Devote Consulting can make a difference for you

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Our consulting experience spans across R&D, Clinical Operations, Pharmacovigilance, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs, with consultants specialized in individual areas and across. We bring the experience and overview that enables us to quickly understand any situation and ensure business and compliance needs are met.

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