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We understand your business and we know how to navigate the complexities that are involved in introducing changes to your organization. For us, organizational change management is crucial to lead successful changes and realizing the benefits of your transformation.

How we can help you succeed

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is crucial for successful projects and transformations, helping enable full value to be realized.  

Our clients praise us for helping them achieve faster adoption, increased utilization, enhanced proficiency, heightened productivity, improved alignment and engagement, and greater adaptability to future changes. 

Our tailored services cater to your needs, providing you with consultants who understand that by integrating project management, business analysis, and OCM, we gain valuable insights into change impact and barriers, resulting in positive outcomes and ensuring your organization is well-prepared for change. For us, change management goes beyond communication – it involves understanding people and equipping them with the necessary tools to adapt. 

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Is a recent change forcing you to adapt quickly to stay in compliance?

Sometimes our clients have an urgent need to change their processes to stay in compliance. This need can be driven by regulatory changes, stakeholders, departments, new digital systems or changes to existing, audit or inspections findings etc. Ensuring the process change is executed while maintaining an understanding of the end-users and the people involved, can be a run against the clock.


We help our clients adapt quickly to new or existing processes and systems by building change management into projects. By being part of the project, we mitigate disruption, reduce delays and unnecessary costs. To ensure success and alignment across processes, people, and solutions, we conduct impact assessments, develop training strategies and materials such as videos, user guides, promotional videos, create stakeholder engagement and communication plans, and provide tools to support employees adapt to the new way of working.

Is your system not being utilized as intended or did the users not understand a reason change?

Sometimes our clients experience digital systems are successfully implemented, however, the users still create workarounds or rely on excel and manual data entry, which poses compliance risks. Often this lack of change adoption is due to a lack of user confidence or knowledge in using the system.


We assist our clients in enhancing user adoption by implementing training frameworks that prioritize processes and users and determine the most effective training approach. For us, understanding the users and their challenges in using the system is crucial. To do this, we conduct training need assessments and gap analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation. Based on this, we tailor the training offerings to ensure they are fit-for-purpose and relevant.


Are you introducing new ways of working in your organization and need your teams on board?

Sometimes our clients experience that the introduction of new ways of working in larger teams or at-scale in an organization can be difficult both in the early roll-out as well as years into use.  When undertaking larger transformations, for example, introducing or adopting agile frameworks (SAFe, Scrum etc.) or DevOps, the right attention must be given to the people involved, the transformation and the mindset change that is required. 


We support our clients with understanding their internal transformation goals to achieve their new ways of working as well as assisting with impact assessments, from a people, process and system perspective, to create a plan for adoption and roll-out. We drive and execute the process from early communication until confirmed adoption and continuous reinforcement. We assist with communication plans, training strategy and frameworks, training development and execution, and general facilitation and follow-up of the roll-out based on the learnings from the organization. 

Are you struggling with getting stakeholders to understand the benefits of your project?

Sometimes our clients experience reluctance getting their projects prioritized, getting buy-in for budgets or resources approved, or demonstrating the value coming through the project. The inability to be able to explain how benefits will be realized can lead to lack of project clarity, poor stakeholder involvement, and issues with resource allocation and task prioritization.


We facilitate early conversations with our clients to align their internal goals with strategic objectives, define expectations, visualize benefits, and articulate anticipated outcomes from change initiatives. We assist clients in identifying benefits, assessing feasibility, creating benefit maps and realization plans early on in projects. We also assist in implementing tracking, monitoring and reporting methods to enable our clients to continuously measure, evaluate and identify corrective actions to realize benefits. 

Are you concerned that a clear business roll-out and communication plan is missing?

Sometimes our clients have projects that solely focus on the technical implementation of a change. Either the importance informing the organization about new or changed processes or services is overlooked or deprioritized due to the lack of resources. The lack of focus on communication plans and awareness within the organization can cause resistance in the organization or inability to roll-out. 


We support our clients in creating and developing OCM roll-out strategies and plans to build awareness for the appropriate audience at the appropriate time, for any type of project. We create OCM strategies in collaboration with project teams, and we drive and execute the OCM plan, this includes developing and distributing communications, building communication channels (e.g. internal websites), developing training and promotional material, infographics, and organizing show-and-tells. We also
implement tools for measuring and analyzing reach.

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We analyze each situation and identify opportunities and root causes to introduce changes into your organization with best-fit business processes and associated digital enablement, without compromising compliance. Reach out now if you are curious to learn how Devote Consulting can make a difference for you.

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