We are the preferred CIO partner within SMB Life Sciences. In Devote we aspire to create long-term partnerships instead of short-term client interactions based on transactional behavior. Ensuring our partners’ CIO needs are fulfilled, flourishes best in relationships built on trust with a long-term perspective.

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CIO services encompass a wide array of critical functions typically overseen by a Chief Information Officer (CIO) within an organization. These encompass responsibilities for maintaining and optimizing the organization’s IT infrastructure, IT systems, IT processes, IT quality management system, IT support, and more. Their primary objective is to ensure that the IT setup is not only in place but also compliant, thereby continuously meeting the evolving needs of the organization while facilitating its core business functions. In the realm of SMB Life Sciences companies, these services are indispensable, supporting both day-to-day operations and the vital process of advancing new compounds or drug candidates into clinical testing. At Devote, we recognize the paramount importance of CIO services for our partners, and we are committed to providing comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to meet these critical needs

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Managing operation activities 


Our clients struggle with having a smooth transition from project to operational phase as well as defining and implementing an operation strategy where functionalities are being released for production on a continuous basis.



We aim to develop a customized operations strategy tailored to our clients’ specific requirements. We emphasize an agile approach, promoting strong collaboration with the Line of Business to gain a deep understanding of needs and expectations.

By restructuring traditional operational processes and documentation, Continuous Operations enhances the efficiency of operational resources throughout the entire project lifecycle, including the project phase, transition phase, and operations phase. It draws inspiration from the principles of DevOps and agile methodologies but adapts them to the unique regulatory environment of the life science industry. Successfully implementing DevOps in this context necessitates an agile approach to both practical implementation and lifecycle documentation.

Digital Roadmaps 

Our clients need to prioritize the next stage of their digital landscape to ensure that data flow and business processes are empowered by the IT architecture for future studies. This means that they are looking for digital solutions in areas such as TMF, Trial Oversight, Clinical Standards Management and Quality, Clinical Data Management and Consolidation.


We support our clients´ pursuit of future by facilitating workshops with the purpose of developing a digital roadmap that aligns the prioritization of future digital solutions.

IT Strategy

Our clients struggle in defining and executing their IT strategy as their main expertise is within other areas. Often, they are unsure of which IT infrastructure is needed for supporting their future business strategy.



We provide our clients with IT strategies that

balance operations and long-term enablement of the right emerging needs of the company.


Especially for early companies, an IT strategy is typically focused on prioritizing correctly to meet the essential needs of the organization. At Devote we will always deploy the strategic framework that provides most value for the unique individual situation of any given client.

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We analyze each situation and identify opportunities and root causes to introduce changes into your organization with best-fit business processes and associated digital enablement without compromising compliance. Reach out now if you are curious to learn how Devote Consulting can make a difference for you

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Our consulting experience spans across R&D, Clinical Operations, Pharmacovigilance, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs, with consultants specialized in individual areas and across. We bring the experience and overview that enables us to quickly understand any situation and ensure business and compliance needs are met.

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