September 2018

The Journey Begins

Devote Consulting was founded in September 2018, by Thomas Rasmussen with a mission to support you and your patient’s needs in an agile and innovative way, rather than following predetermined practices. The journey started in the Copenhagen Bio Science Park, COBIS, Denmark’s leading meeting place and coworking space for biotech and life science companies with entrepreneurial aspirations.

October 2018

Igniting the Entrepreneurial Journey

Seeing the light in Thomas and his idea, Dortea Engelund joined Devote Consulting as Co-Founder. With a background in bio business innovation, Clinical R&D consultancy, and entrepreneurial endeavors, Dortea joined forces with Thomas to bring their shared vision to live.


Trusted Advisor for Clinical R&D across Europe

The life science industry welcomed Devote Consulting ways of working proven through the immediate attraction of both mid and large-sized clients from the Life Science industry along with several top 20 Pharma companies. Our team grew beyond 10 talented consultants this year, each one being part of establishing the cornerstones of the Devote culture.

MARCH 2019

Leveraging Position as Trusted Advisor in Transformations

Ann-Charlotte Banke joined Devote to ignite our position in the areas of organization change management, large-scale transformations and project portfolio management. With a background in international clinical trial management and project management offices, she joined the Devote leadership team.

MAY 2020

Expanding to own Office Facilty at Christianshavn

As our team rapidly grew close to 20 talented consultants, we gave gratitude to Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS) and moved to our new office in the heart of Copenhagen in the beautiful building, Kanalhuset, located along the Christianshavn Canal.


Trusted Advisor for Small-Biotech acting as CIOs

SCommitted to advancing care for people, Devote Consulting has actively engaged in client collaboration with smaller biotech companies driven by their innovative pipelines. Through collaborative efforts wherein Devote assumes the role of IT Strategy & Operations, our clients are empowered to focus on their core competencies: researching, developing, and marketing products. Devote facilitates their digital transformations and assists in developing strategic roadmaps to guide their endeavors.

april 2022

Opening Office in Seattle

Devote Consulting had grown beyond European borders and to continue the support of our clients and their business goals across the Atlantic, we were happy to reveal that we are expanding to the United Stated through the opening of a new Devote Consulting Office in Seattle. 

JULY 2022

Moving Copenhagen Office to the Waterfront

While our initial intention was to remain in our quarters at Christianshavn in Kanalhuset for five years, our team in Copenhagen quickly surpassed 30 consultants. Consequently, we sought out a new office space adjacent to the Copenhagen Waterfront, situated in the heart of the city. This new location affords us a direct view of Denmark’s architectural gem, the Black Diamond, from our desks.


Bo Bendsen joined Devote Consulting as CEO & CFO

Bo Bendsen joined Devote Consulting as CEO & CFO. He possesses leadership competencies that align with Devote, stemming from his background in management consultancy, pharmaceutical companies, and chief information officer (CIO) positions. With the delegation of some of his responsibilities, our founder, Thomas Rasmussen, was now able to focus his energy in Devote on what he does best – maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and unique culture of Devote, and serving the clients of Devote as a devoted, customer-centric advisor and partner


Leveraging Position as Trusted Advisor in Digital Health & Therapeutics on a Global Scale

Devote welcomed Jonas Thinggaard, based in Copenhagen, and Brad Van Orden, based in Seattle, as leaders to build on Devote’s decades of combined experience in Digital Health and SaMD. This helped Devote expand its position as a trusted advisor in digital therapeutics on a global scale.

january 2023

Entrepreneurial mindset intact despite reaching Mid-Sized

Since Devote was founded, our collaboration with clients and our ability to create value have stood the test of time. Upon entering the year 2023, we proudly announced that we had transitioned into the category of mid-sized companies, with our workforce surpassing 50 individuals worldwide. The entrepreneurial mindset, however, continues to thrive, and the journey for Devote had only just begun.

MARCH 2023

Opening Office in Switzerland

To uphold our dedication to serving clients throughout Europe and delivering top-tier consulting services, Devote Consulting has taken the next step in our evolution. We are delighted to announce the expansion of our presence in the DACH region with the establishment of a new Office in Switzerland.