A Career at Devote Consulting

Join a company of passionate and committed consultants for an exciting career with a steep learning curve.

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We are always looking to welcome new talent and experienced professionals to our growing team of consultants. We are a passionate team dedicated to supporting our clients in reaching their goals and improve the lives of their patients. 

Experienced Professional

You have worked as a consultant and/or within the life science industry for several years, where you directly or indirectly have improved the lives of patients.

Recent Graduate

You have recently graduated with a master’s degree or Ph.D. in business or life sciences or worked for 1-2 years in the life science industry or as a consultant in other industries.


Fostering Teamwork

Part of our success comes from our teamwork and the integrity we apply every day. We are a passionate team of consultants dedicated to supporting our clients to reach their goals and improve the lives of their patients. We embrace our diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and personalities, and by cultivating teamwork across Devote Consulting, we ensure our clients benefit from our broad area expertise and knowledge. We value an enjoyable workplace and aim for this enjoyment to shine through in our teamwork with our clients.

We foster a work culture that embraces teamwork while empowering individuals to make a difference for our clients, themselves, and their career.

Dortea Engelund
Principal Consultant

Career Development

At Devote Consulting, we have a high-achieving work culture with room for personal and professional growth. As a new consultant, you learn how to apply agile principles to your delivery method and enforce the regulations protecting the patients. You will also learn how to (re)design business processes and use data most efficiently. Whether you are a new or experienced consultant, we encourage continuous learning and ensure career development to achieve your full potential.

One of the best things about working with Devote is that it’s a place where I can work and learn alongside different people in the life science industry on finding the right solutions and where I daily get challenged professionally

Anders Centio

Working with Devote

Join our team and experience the high-paced life as a consultant while making a difference for the pharmaceutical industry. You will work to improve business processes and data impacting patients in clinical trials, including creating required documentation. As a key member of project teams, you can take responsibility, be influential, and bring changes to life in the pharmaceutical industry.

I think it is great that there’s such a big focus on maintaining a good office culture, where people feel welcome and appreciated.

Lasse Schov
Senior Consultant

Job Opportunities

Devote Consulting is looking to expand its team of consultants and is searching for professionals with experience from the pharmaceutical industry working with clinical operations processes and data.

Devote Consulting is looking to expand our team of consultants and is searching for professionals with consultancy experience, preferably from the pharmaceutical industry working with clinical operations processes and data.

Devote Consulting is looking to expand its team of consultants and is searching for recent graduates as well as professionals with 1-2 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry.

Devote Consulting is looking to expand its team of consultants and is searching for professionals with experience in development, validation, and operations of Software as Medical Device (SaMD) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I only have to send a CV when I apply?

Yes, we only expect you to send a CV to recruitment@devote-consulting.com, and if we believe that your profile fits us, we will get to know you even better in the following application process.

When can I expect to hear back after I have sent my application?

We continuously look at the incoming applications, and you can expect to hear back from us within a few weeks after you have sent your application.

What academic background should you have to apply?

You should have a master’s degree as the minimum; however, all types of academic backgrounds can be of interest to Devote as we appreciate diversity. Most of our consultants have degrees in pharmaceuticals, life science, IT, or business. We also have consultants with backgrounds in anthropology, Sports Technology, etc. What our consultants have in common is the ability to help our clients find the right solutions for the ever-changing needs of the life science industry, through agile principles and a customer-centric approach.

Can I apply while I am still studying?

Yes, you are welcome to apply if you are in the last year of your studies.

How can I grow at Devote Consulting?

At Devote Consulting, we offer a steep learning curve, and our mentorship program ensures that your growth plans are met and acted upon. We value the talent of our team members on all levels of seniority and aim to support you in realizing your full potential in a collaboration with you.

How long is the recruitment process and interview?

We strive to execute the recruitment process for an individual within 1 month covering a first and second interview with members from Devote. Both interviews are expected to take between 1.5 hours. The purpose of the interviews is to find out if there is a match between Devote and you, and between you and Devote, related to cultural match with the working culture and the position as a consultant.

How do I prepare for an interview?

You do not need to prepare for the job interview beforehand. The most important thing is that you are yourself during an interview.

Is the job interview in person or virtual?

We strive to have job interviews in person, but depending on the circumstances, job interviews may also be held virtually.

What type of projects and clients would I work for if I was hired?

We work with pharmaceutical companies of different sizes from start-ups to global top 5 pharmaceutical companies. We primarily work within the space of clinical operations and regulatory affairs, and our projects vary broadly.

What is the dress code for job interviews?

We propose that a business casual dress code is applied for interviews for applicants. As consultants on the job and with clients, we strive for a professional and appropriate look at all times.

Are you not finding the answers you are looking for?

If you have any other questions, you can write an email to recruitment@devote-consulting.com. If you want to hear firsthand about the experience of working with Devote, you are welcome to reach out to any of our Devote team members on LinkedIn.