Business Consulting for Life Science

Devote Consulting supports R&D professionals in the life science industry dedicated to improving patients’ lives. We leverage knowledge and experience to support the innovation of your business and enable you to unfold your full potential without compromising compliance.  


Delivering Value to You

We support your next or current project based on a deep understanding of pharmaceutical research and development, clinical operations, and regulatory business processes. 

Business Analysis

We see Business Analysis as the core acumen in making projects a successful fit-for-business-purposes and all our consultants apply this skill set in their role no matter their position on the project. We use agile methodologies and integrate OCM and business analysis because it engages stakeholders and delivers benefits faster than traditional methods.

Process Development

Our process understanding and data- and process-centric approach is a unique trade of Devote consultants and we strive to make a difference for our clients every day. We believe business processes and data are the key benefit drivers with technology as an enabler. We support your initiative if in need of consultants with a unique ability to visualize and optimize processes in collaboration with your Subject Matter Experts with an end-to-end process focus.

System Validation

Our ability to bridge data, business process analysis, and IT delivery improvements is a unique trade of Devote consultants and we strive to make a difference for your IT implementation project. We support your initiative with expertise in translating business requirements, ensuring compliance and security from early requirement gathering, risk assessments, validation planning, testing, reporting, system administration, and staying in control.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

We see Organizational Change Management (OCM) as an essential necessity for making your projects a success. We always apply a customer-centric mindset and assure the organization is prepared for implementing the change using tangible deliverables. We support your initiative if in need of consultants who excel at merging project management and business analysis with OCM.

Project Management

We create value through the successful support of our client’s improvement initiatives, and the right level of project management and stakeholder management is key to ensuring timely delivery. We support your initiative if in need of project managers, scrum masters, or program managers that understand merging resource management, stakeholder management, and OCM for a successful project execution no matter if the delivery approach is agile or waterfall.

Scenario Analysis

Several solutions and approaches exist for any business need regardless of whether it is related to systems, data flow, processes, or a combination. We see the practice of performing a Scenario Analysis as an essential necessity in many cases to identify the best-fit approach and scoping your project. We apply a scenario analysis method with a proven track record to assure your project is set up for successful decision-making prior to larger investments are made.

Roadmap Development

Ensuring a common direction is crucial for any organization and program when major transformations are to be set up for success. We support your initiative if in need of scoping a roadmap for your next initiative within process optimizations, digitalization, and IT transformations as we understand how to merge business analysis and OCM in the context of compliance and business continuity, and the results will be an actionable roadmap with tangible next steps.

What Makes Us Different

We are passionate about making a difference for you and your patients and giving you the best-suited support for your project. We do high-quality consulting in an agile and innovative way following the ever-changing needs of the life science industry. By embracing teamwork, we leverage our diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and personalities to ensure you benefit from our broad area expertise and knowledge. We want you to feel this difference in the progress and get inspired by our way of working.

Business Consulting Expertise


We analyze each situation and identify opportunities and root causes to introduce best-fit business processes without compromising compliance.

Process Expertise

Through agile execution, we help implement lasting business improvements with a deep understanding of pharmaceutical R&D, clinical operations, and regulatory business processes.


We accelerate R&D processes and productivity through improved governance, process automation, and efficient leverage of data and systems.

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